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Time to transform the way you take care of yourself:

The Balanced Bellas program is based on the four pillars of mind, body, soul and connection. It is our mission to support each of our members to nurture healthier lifestyle habits that encompass all areas of wellbeing. 


We are here to show you that taking care of yourself does not need to be difficult. Our portable online program makes it easy for our clients to make healthier choices everyday. 


Our dietitian-approved program ensures that we are delivering the highest quality resources and the most relevant health information to all of our members.


Here are some of the incredible resources you will gain access to as a member of our program:

Meal guides

Grocery lists
Home and gym-based workout plans
Live yoga classes

Meditation tracks

Nutritious recipes

Check in appointments with your wellness coach.
Exclusive access to our online community forum to connect with our accredited health professionals. 
A nutraceutical support package to improve nutrition and support total body healing.

Enquire today if this is the change you have been looking for. 


Why Balanced Bellas?

It can help with


Our 'gut-friendly' recipes support you to have a healthy digestive system. 

Long-term Results

Our program is not about 'quick-fixes' or 'bikini-body' challenges. It is designed to teach you sustainable habits you can implement long-term. 


Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. When you flood your body with all the right vitamins, minerals and enzymes it requires, it can perform the way it was designed. 

Women's Health

Our program has been created by women for women. We, like you, still face the same challenges that everyday life presents. We are here to support you with personal and professional experience. 

Reduce Fatigue

A common side effect from our program is increased vitality. It's incredible what eating right and regular movement can do for our body. 

Manage Stress

Learn the art of meditation and yoga with our in-house Yogi!



“Focused on mental, physical and emotional achievement, which creates tremendous 'balance' in my life. I highly recommend this program.”

— Leisa

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